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Tom was the 2016 Democratic candidate who ran against Lamar Smith, the climate change-denying Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Even though he lost the 2016 election he received more votes that any candidate who has ever run against Smith. At the same time, he managed to drop Smith's percentage vote total to 57% - the lowest of his career.  His campaign accomplished this by spending less than $0.50 per vote.  Meanwhile, Smith dumped over $1.7 million into his campaign, over 27 times the amount spent by Tom. 

Now Smith tells us that it is "better to get your news directly from the president - in fact it may be the only way to get the unvarnished truth." Well, let us tell you the unvarnished truth: Lamar Smith is a homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, taco-truckophobic, Vietnam War draft-dodging hypocrite who has lived off other people’s taxes his entire adult life.

Thousands of people are organizing here in Texas Congressional District 21 to unseat not just Smith but to impeach Trump. Mom’s Clean Air Force is working tirelessly to recruit organizers in every zip code in District 21. Indivisible TX21 is growing its membership base daily. Progressive politics is once again on the rise here in the Lone Star State and Tom believes he can tap into this energy, this frustration, and this anger.

The days of centrist politics is over, Hillary’s defeat proved that. As the old saying goes, the only thing in the middle-of-the road is a dead armadillo and it’s stinking to high heaven. 

I hope you'll support our campaign to turn the Texas 21st Congressional District blue. Please consider a $21 donation to our “21 for 21” campaign. Our goal is to reach 21,000 people, each contributing $21 to help us to stop Lamar Smith and Donald Trump from destroying the Earth and Democracy.